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Hellos! I am Maliki! ^^

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Hellos! I am Maliki! ^^ Empty Hellos! I am Maliki! ^^

Post by Maliki Hyozanryu Wolf on Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:43 pm

Hi hi hi ~ this is Maliki yep!

I am not so good with my typing; or my English;; but I will try this. I never usually do RP and stuffs. But I also want to jump to Photons and have fun with the others so I'ma really try my hardest yep! Startin now ha! Byes!

Hellos! I am Maliki! ^^ 7d07cb69-65c7-4dbb-a575-73ec24c89f85

I'm not afraid to love, only afraid to be hurt. I'm so lost, yet so close to being found.
I'm so dark but so kind. It takes true honor to know true power.
Maliki Hyozanryu Wolf
Maliki Hyozanryu Wolf
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