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I suppose....

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I suppose.... Empty I suppose....

Post by Loki Black-Heart Arclight on Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:39 pm

My name is Loki. Going to start RPing and shit on here, with my slave Maliki.

Let's just say we go back. Like, way back. But my life is not yours for the prying.

Don't bother me, I have no wish to become a friend of yours.

-Loki, the Destroyer
 Twisted Evil

I suppose.... B4c83110
I am Loki, the Destroyer of Rifts, and Worlds.
I don't give a shit about you, or anyone else.
Just stay out of my way and we'll all get along just fine.
Loki Black-Heart Arclight
Loki Black-Heart Arclight
The New Kid
The New Kid

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