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Yeah yeah yeah I'm here too. Stupid faggots on FB obviously want my dick in their mouths or something.

But whatever.

This is a blog thing, and there will be tons of insulting things posted as always. Sub to me now. Or something.

I have no urge to write anything of significance right now.

Other than maybe this-

Melvin needs to come over here and drop his pants so I can suck his D Imeanwhat.

-Smirks- Later flamebags.


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Salvation Arclight
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The Wretched Angelic Whore

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Blog of the Wretched Angel :: Comments

Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:08 am by Melvin Louie-Leon


That is all.

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Salvation Arclight

Post on Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:46 pm by Salvation Arclight

Yeah you're whore. Now get over here and fuck me. And that was directed towards Melvin's last comment for anyone that didn't see it.


So I'm on a joint account with Blu, Mel and my brother now. On FB. Won't be using it too much unless I happen to be bored as fuck at work. But anyways. So that's my post for the day. Anyone important, which is prolly the 3 people mentioned in this status, has my cell number and shit if they need me.

I don't really feel anything let alone feel bad, about not being on that stupid site. Doesn't even matter if you're using your real fucking name or not, still bans people. Which is BS since my real name is in fact Salvation Rupel. However my last name wasn't originally Arclight, until my brother and I got it legally changed because our parents' last names were stupid as fuck. They were religious faggot freaks.

Weren't for the fact that I find my first name terribly ironic to the point of laughter (and the fact it costs like 300$ more to change a first name here) - I might have gotten rid of it. Though, Salvation, has indeed grown on me.

Anyways I'm bored and horny. So there's my update. Losers.

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Chris Rupel Arclight

Post on Wed Jun 25, 2014 2:40 pm by Chris Rupel Arclight

I didn't even know you had one of these lmfao <3

Anyways nice post. Totally wasn't reading over your shoulder the entire time lol.

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