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So this is going to be my blog. Basically every person on the Site here will get ONE topic for their selves, to use kind of like a FB/Tumblr. You guys will be allowed to post photos, but I suggest that when you do so, you have a photobucket account, so that you can direct post, without issue. Normally if you upload them from the Site it has issues and spazzes out, but I think we can work around this shit. But you can customize virrtually EVERYTHING on here, AND you can use the Siterz Chat, and talk with ALL the Siterz, and even the CFs.

So enjoy your stay. You can post to your own Blog as many times as you want. And you should be able to comment others and all that too.

Let's get started. Enjoy the updates fuckers! lol! 

-Your Tyrant King

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Melvin Louie-Leon
Melvin Louie-Leon
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Raphiella Blu Azure

Post on Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:29 am by Raphiella Blu Azure

This is a really badass idea.

NO PORN PEOPLE. The Server Godz will bitch and make us delete your posts if you do that.

-The Sapphire God

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Chris Rupel Arclight

Post on Sat Dec 07, 2013 1:57 am by Chris Rupel Arclight

I like this new idea XD!

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Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Sat Dec 07, 2013 3:40 pm by Melvin Louie-Leon

Goddamn I am seriously so fucking exhausted it's actually retarded. I'm literally next to blacking the fuck out, or throwing the fuck up, and just staying awake for eons. I don't understand how my body went from enjoying constant sleep, to now just refusing to sleep altogether. I seriously think it's the drugs, or that something's just wrong as fuck with me.

Idk. As I write this I'm going back and fourth between listening to Kyle's dumbass call for his cat Lucinda that got out, and hearing almost nothing. I'm so fucking mentally confused or like... I'm stuck in this weird ass daze.

I feel like I never really got off of being high, so I think I get where Aerith was coming from when she was telling me about how she has that problem. It just does something to the brain man. Fucking seriously.

On another note, I'm hoping to swap out all the tanks for the pets today... here's to hoping that works. Had some badass games on Halo 4 today, so that was nice, but the whole time I kept on thinking about how I needed to move shit around the house... FFS. Idk we'll see what happens and how fucking tired I get. I bet I'll wake up an hour if that, right after I go to bed. I seem to have that problem a lot lately. And I haven't been dreaming either. So I know it's just my form passing out/ blacking out. Idk. I was super sick last night due to taking pills on top of Monster so. Let's not do that again.

Fucking really. Anyways off I go. Peace Facks!

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Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:12 am by Melvin Louie-Leon

Ugh my fucking head is killing me. My jaw and teeth hurt. I feel nauseated and sick as fuck because of the damned pills.... just what is my fucking life. Ugh. Seriously not doing so hot these days. Fuckin really. Meh whatever. Going to attempt to distract myself. But I really am hurting a fucking lot.

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Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:35 am by Melvin Louie-Leon

Totally just sitting here thinking of things to post for the RPs and possible new RPs to start./

Also here have some pasted intel, since it's everywhere now.

So just what does it take to be one of the Tyrant's Mates?

Well I'm going to tell you all today, in a fatass novel of explanation. Please be seated and try not to touch anyone's tails. Moving on...

Okay. What is a "mate" first of all? Well, where I come from (translated into the human language anyways), a mate is someone much more respectable then a just an ordinary boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband or wife. Why? Because all of those things can break up with each other. A mate is someone who mates for life (in my translation) and never leaves anyone regardless of any given situation.

My most valued mates are the twins and Bluey, for reasons I can't really explain out here in public. It's a personal thing. Ryou and his twin are also important, and RA is as well.

/Due to the fact RA is a new mate from the rest, and wasn't acting like the others (like how they are supposed to, not how humans do), that was the only reason I had thought of splitting off from her. She was not with me nearly as long as the rest were. Though we've worked that out so no worries there. Moving on./

I'm not just looking for someone who is going to be with me.

It goes deeper than that. I'm looking for someone who is strong, has a backbone per say, and presents outstanding loyalty. Someone who obeys me without question, as I am their King and that's my job is to say what to do, and theirs is to curate (take care of) the Kingdom, and follow my "orders". The three at the top (whom I call my God - Blu, and the Angels - the Twins) are the only ones who may question me. More so Salvation and Blu, because they are the most vocal.

My mates work together sometimes as a democracy too, which means at times when they need to make a choice for me (when I am unable) they vote on what the best idea is. Normally is boils down to who's on Blu's side, and who is on Sal's. Up until the other day, they were almost always opposing forces. There are also times, when Chris will step forwards and say something, if he truly feels that something is wrong. Most times, I will respond rather well to this, from the other two. Blu tends to back him up. His twin brother is just an asshole.

Being a mate is not easy. As putting up with someone who is a dick 24/7 tends to be something that pushes people away. It's not "fun" all the time, and it's more about loyalty and gratitude then it is anything else. Love, emotions, feelings - that shit gets set aside only after the greater things have been decided using one's mind. I cannot stress it enough.

The ONLY severe difference between the Mates and my Kingdom, is that my mates reserve the right to be closest to me in a loving, desirable manner. Their reward for being my most valuable guardians, their rewards for constantly doing as I say, and proving that they are the top for the Kingdom - is that they get to be with me. Only the strongest get such an honor, it's just the way things work.

So again, please reconsider trying to get with me. It doesn't work like that.
Also, each and every one of my mates has a bit of a rank. Due to the fact that Bluey is my Number 1, and that I call her my "Wife", the "Queen" or the only other one allowed to force a choice before my hand - she gets to stay at the top. If she doesn't get along with my mates, or someone (a friend, family, ect) then I will do my best to stay out of her way, and never stand between them. If Blu feels strongly about something, whether or not I "feel" it, I will listen to her, because she's proven hands down - to know what is best for me.

The second spot goes to Salvation. Most of you don't know it, but I've been with him the longest, before Bluey even. He's the biggest fucking pain in my ass since Oblivion, but goddamnit no man's honor is as strong as his. Salvation is overly honest and will tell me how it is no matter what, and for this he's gained eternal respect.

Chris is tied with Salvation, the two are twins yes, but they are so very different from each other. Salvation is a flip, which means he goes from being a dominant pain in the tail, to wanting to get fucked in the ass >.> Chris though, he's a push over, but at least, stands up for what is right. For me, and for the rest. He has always proven to step in when no one else would. And, as always, he stands up for everyone in the Kingdom, even when no one else will. Normally, he stands beside Blu. (Recent events however - Chris asked me to keep him out of it, as he did not wish to cross paths with Blu, a respected choice of course...)

After such, we get to Ryou, and his twin (who I'll touch base with eventually. This is my unmentioned mate, for reasons I will not disclose in public at this time). Ryou and his twin give their all to serve their King. Salvation has groomed the both of them with the ideal of the "perfect" little servants. There is a long history between us all, that I will not get into - but they set aside everything for me. And they love their "parents" who are Blu and the Twin Angels (because that's how we run things in my Kingdom everyone's family somehow). These two have proven to be there for me whenever the others cannot, or whenever the others are forced into making hard choices and need the alone time to think them out properly.

Beyond that is my Summon. The God of RA, who I haven't been with for long enough to rank her alongside Ryou and his sister. She has had a lot of trouble adjusting to the situation, like anyone else walking into this mess would have. Over the course of the passing months however, she's proven that she'll always be there - most times. She tends to do a lot of things that I don't like, but somehow mysteriously, gets away with a lot of it. Which tells me that my feels for her are rather great, though dangerous to the rest. I am rather careful with this mate, but I value her just as the others. Whenever the Kingdom has issues I normally go to her and speak to her about it, much like I do with Ryou and his sister. Blu and the Twins normally have their hands full in dealing with it, so it's nice to have RA to talk to. We have good times and horrid ones, but she's here to stay.

My mates at the top, Blu, and the Twins, are the ones that run my Kingdom in the background. Without them, I am nothing, and at times still I feel like just a figurehead to everyone. But they are the ones working in the dark, and the ones that I will trust my Kingdom to when I fall or bust my shit. As you can see this is why they are held in such high reguard - and as you all can see, being with someone like myself - isn't so easy. But we are a family, and a family we will be. For better and worse - and worse.

[Tagging enough people for this to flag to all the CFs]

Hope all the readers enjoyed that intel. Feel free to rape me with a thousand likes.

-Your Tyrannical King, Melvin

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Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Sat Dec 21, 2013 6:36 pm by Melvin Louie-Leon

So I suppose I owe the lot of you an explanation. So here it goes.

You can't fucking choose who you love, who you hate, you you'd do anything for, and who you'd only dream of running away from. For me, I don't run, I'm not afraid, I don't get intimidated, and I do't give up. I face things head-on, and I push forwards, even when it seems pointless, because well, goddamnit I give a fuck. About my mates, about the creatures inhabiting my Castle, and the ones laying around my Kingdom.

So in short, if that means that I'm going to be stressed the fuck out, throwing the fuck up, blaring loud ass music til my ears fuckin bleed, and doing a lot of drugs just to make it - I'm gonna do it. Because this existence was meant to prep for the next one, and if I can't do shit here, I can't do it there when I do get back home to where we all fuckin came from.

I think I said this shit best to my bro Austin last night. No matter what the fuck happens! For our mates, and those we love, we will jump through loops. We will hold up our arms, and admit defeat, just because we know we can't fucking live without these people - no matter how fucking bad shit gets. No matter how many tears get shed, no matter how many people bleed just to care, no matter what got said, and what wasn't said enough. When you love someone, you do anything for them. Whether or not the person being loved sees it, or cannot see it.

I do apologize to the CFs for the drama, the bullshit, the stress, and for them feeling like they have to worry. This is my life. This is my Hell, my penance, my curse, my pain - and what I have chosen to do. If I don't go through Hell for my mates, then what am I doing? How would I prove myself if I didn't just scream, vent, hit shit and then turn the fuck back around and do this all over again? How would you ever know what it's like to be strong, if you have never been so weak? How does a King still sing and smile through his tears, when he thinks he's lost it all? How does one Kingdom, come together, and forget the pain, just to play a game together and laugh?

We're all lovers... and we're all fighters. And goddamnit don't you dare get in the way of the things we love because we will come at you hard, and violently, without remorse, with every ounce of fear, or pain - and of hate. What makes my Kingdom the best is more than just rarity, it's deeper than just the stabbing pains we have, it's harder than the walls we have punched, or the doors we have destroyed. No what makes us the best - is that no matter what happens, we stick together. No matter who we hate at the time, even if it's one of us for a time - we still choose to get up and defend that person from another kingdom. We are the best, we have prevailed, and we will stand the test of Time before all else.

I'm thinking that if more people were like us, that the world would be a better place. We're not fucking human, we won't act human. Even when we're in relationships, and it sucks, and it's "not worth it" we stay together. That's called loyalty. No, it's not being pussy, it's not showing that you're a weak-ass, or that you're desperate. No motherfucker this is called honoring your fucking words. Setting aside your feelings completely, your love and your hate for this person you are with, and honoring those fucking words that came off your tongue when you said "together forever". Who cares if you feel that shit or not, it will come back later if you don't feel it for a short ass time. IDGAF who you are. You spit shit out, you own up to it.

I live by words, and this form will die by them. I'm not scared to admit that I'm a fool of a King, I'm not ashamed of my mistakes. I've said it a thousand times. I'll be the first fucker to sit there and lend you a hand, and tell you that I've fucked up too. A million times. I'd even offer you a smirk and tell you just how often I fuck up still, and how I've perfected fucking up in such a way that it's a wonder I ain't learned my lesson. Then I'll fucking turn my head to the sunset and grin, and dare you to take a chance. I'm the last person you'll know to give up. On anything. Don't matter who is involved. Don't matter what happened. Don't matter how much I hurt, or how much I've screamed and cried in a fury so powerful it could blow this house right up. Don't fucking matter.

I will honor and die by my words. Can you say the same?

So like I've said before: Fuckin' bring it motherfuckers because I ain't afraid! I might be blind, or a fucking idiot, but hey at least I own that shit!

But anyways. Peace for now Fucks - I'll be blaring some music and talking to my CFs. Tagging enough of them so that they get the memo, and that's that.

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Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:57 am by Melvin Louie-Leon

I think Photons died off because everyone had drama and got busy as fuck ._. I love that RP but right now I'm exhausted and just haven't the time to write posts. Fucking hate that shit.

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Melvin Louie-Leon

Post on Tue Jul 01, 2014 7:56 am by Melvin Louie-Leon

<---Is blind in both eyes and having Blu do intel for him. Yeeep.

Thanks work. See if I ever go back to that job again. Fucking assholes.

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